Standard Invest – Mitsulift HQ by Raed Abillama Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Oct 2013 5:08 pm | Offices, Other

Designed by the Raed Abillama Architects practice, this project is the Standard Invest – Mitsulift Headquarters and it is located on Lot 195 in Dbayeh, Lebanon.

The space needed to be versatile and functional so that it could adapt to different market needs so the top floors host the Mitsulift headquarters while the ground floor is where the retail spaces were placed. The floors in-between host offices with an open plan design so that they can be configured in more than one way.

The owners wanted a cost efficient building and thus the designers used maintenance-free materials like the Glass Reinforced Concrete panels to create the façade. The exterior was designed to reduce the impact of direct sunlight and thus decrease the heat intake, the ceilings were raised and the windows are high and placed in the shade toward the east and west to provide natural light without increasing the heat.

The windows aren’t operable so that they improve the façade insulation and reduce the dust and sound pollution but there is a heat recovery system which filters the air to minimize thermal consumption.



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