Stamp House by Charles Wright Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jun 2013 5:35 pm | Homes

The purpose of this project might not seem evident at first glance if you look at the pictures, since the practice of Charles Wright Architects chose a starship-like design for the Stamp House.

Located on the edge of the FNQ beachfront rainforest in Australia, the project tries to offer a carbon neutral solution for the environmentally sensitive area where the project is built. Stamp House tries to offer a building which takes advantage of the natural amenities on the site and is a reflection of it.

The material used is concrete which was insulated to incorporate a solar paneled roof and to ensure a cooler temperature during the entire year. Massive cantilevers protect against the potential floods and the project is cyclone proof category 5 and thus a cyclone shelter.

The project offers the capacity of harvesting 250000 liters of water for recycling and reticulation has solar energy generators and features an on-site advanced tertiary sewerage treatment plant.



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