Square Trade headquarters by Design Blitz

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Mar 2014 6:51 pm | Offices

The Square Trade company opened their new headquarters in San Francisco, California with a design created by the Design Blitz studio to provide an interactive environment with a simple geometry and rich color palette.

The rectilinear shapes were chosen to reflect the logo and name of the company and the color palette inside is mostly neutral with bright touches provided by the furniture pieces. The central area is covered with acoustic panels on the ceiling having a honeycomb structure and there are several study pods on the edge along with private meeting rooms separating the area from the main office.

The skin of the office has cutouts, windows and different cantilevers to enclose the collaborative workspaces while also maintaining a transparent connection between the different functions with a height that directly relates to the needed privacy for the enclosed room next to them.

The partitions don’t reach the height of the ceiling and thus they leave room for the electrical and plumbing systems to flow through the area unhindered and visible.



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