SPRING Learning Centre by Joey Ho Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Mar 2014 6:21 pm | Education

The SPRING Learning Centre specializes in the education of small children and it was designed by the Joey Ho Design studio with an aesthetic that tries to picture the world through the eyes of a child and to find ways of improving the learning experience.

Located in Wanchai, Hong Kong, the centre spreads over 7500 square feet and it tries to bring together the perspective of a child and that of an adult so that the space created is one where both generations can enjoy.

The children learn by exploring the space and the adults also have something to learn from viewing the world from the perspective of a child and thus the dialogue between the generations is improved.

The furniture system is ergonomic and designed for the use of children so that the reception counter has stairs to allow children to climb up the bathroom has a dual height washbasin in the shape of a large fountain where the children can enjoy themselves while washing their hands.



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