Spot Studios by Annvil

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Aug 2013 2:29 pm | Offices

The Annvil architectural practice designed the SPOT studios which is the first photo studio in Latvia to have its own water studio.

The project is located in the Panorama Plaza complex in Riga and has an interior which focuses on the light and its variety. Although there is no direct access to the light outside, the designers implemented various spotlights, tube lights, light bulb strings and daylight bulbs to create a dynamic light throughout the interior.

There are a lot of finishes inside and they contrast one another impacting the visitors with their diversity ranging from lightweight plastic, to heavy metals, glass, rubber, concrete, drop paper or natural wood to name but a few.

Aside from this each room required a lot of flexibility and functionality so that the materials and furniture pieces had to be picked with extra care. The predominant color of the interior is white accentuated by color spots that range from pink to yellow to create a bright ambiance and a contemporary space.



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