Spordtgebouw by NL Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Jun 2014 12:57 pm | Other, Sport Arenas

Spordtgebouw is the name of a project designed by the NL Architects practice in Dordrecht, The Netherlands and it acts as a combined sports facility for three separate schools located in the Leerpark so that the quality of the sports education can be improved, enhancing the complexity of the venue.

The halls can this way be differentiated and thus they can be better adapted to host specific functions such as a Dojo. During the evening and weekends the halls are open to everyone so that they generate additional income which will be used publicly.

The footprint was minimized to reduce the impact on the environment and eight classes can be accommodated at the same time. The sides of the building are encapsulated by new structures and thus the design of the sides is irrelevant.

The front façade faces the Boulevard and special attention was paid to that side. The halls and sides contain an indoor climbing hall to increase the programmatic capacity of the facility.



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