Spectacular Las Vegas Penthouse by Mark Tracy

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Jun 2015 2:55 pm | Apartments

Designed by the award winning Mark Tracy from Chemical Spaces this splendid penthouse is located in Las Vegas, USA and it features the same extravagance that is present throughout the city.

The designer tried to use the finest material on each surface and offer a friendly and inviting interior that bursts with color and light. The interior features a floor-wall-ceiling mosaic made from glass that is 13 inch tall and 13 inch wide which gives the space an ocean blue ambiance. In its center is a chandelier that is also encased in a cube made from blue glass.

The kitchen has a Blue Louise granite table floating off the kitchen island and it is used as both a bar elevation as well as the dining area. The illumination further increases the color palette of the interior through the use of 120 linear feet of RGB LED lights that are embedded around the ceiling perimeter.

Eclectic in its diversity but luxuriant and comfortable, this interior is indeed a reflection of Las Vegas.



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