Sparkling White Apartment with Hideaway Home Offices by Polinova Paul

By : Dennis Franklin | 31 May 2014 3:13 pm | Apartments

The Polinova Paul interior design studio created this apartment with two workspaces integrated which were hidden away from the living areas and the beautifully serene space has a carefully planned layout with neutral contemporary tones.

The living area is open to integrate the hallway, wine bar and fireplace next to the TV lounge area as well as the dining area against the back of the sofa. The children’s room is equipped with abundant storage spaces which allow it to maintain an overall simple (and clean) ambiance.

The master bedroom has two tracks of light framing it, a walk in closet leading to the study and the tones here are warmer to make the inhabitants feel cozier. The office area has geometric print wallpaper and a large art print with a yellow color to add some warmth into the space.

The second workspace is in a tighter area but the decorative elements here stand out better to attract attention, while the bespoke shelves ensure sufficient storage space.



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