South Island Residence by KZ Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Jan 2014 6:17 pm | Homes

The South Island Residence is a house hosting a single family of six and it is located in the town of Golden Beach, Florida with a design created by the KZ Architecture practice in a modernist manner.

The house is created around a western courtyard and all the rooms offer a view toward it with several outdoor spaces being developed to create continuity between the areas. The entrance offers a view of the front courtyard and it connects to the rear outdoor spaces through the great room.

The courtyard has a long and narrow swimming pool acting as a focal point with a barbecue area and a wooden dock that uses the same wood as the one framing the balconies on the second floor. Large canopies protect from the sunlight projecting to envelop each corner of the house and there are a lot of glass surfaces in the office allowing light to penetrate into the master bedroom.



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