Sonoma Mountain House by Nielsen Schuh Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jul 2013 3:26 pm | Homes

Located in Sonoma, California and designed by the practice of Nielsen Schuh Architects, the Sonoma Mountain House offers a contemporary version of a rustic cabin with an elegant interior and wonderful surroundings.

The materials used are somewhere in-between refined and rustic with a structural framework which links the house to the forest nearby to reflect and embrace it harmoniously. There are a lot of redwoods, oaks or madrona trees next to the house offering a splendid setting which was reflected in the design through the idea of discovery and drama.

The interior has an open plan so that there is a flowing between one space into the next and this feature is also continued to the exterior with the aid of floor-to-ceiling glass doors and through a large terrace with a barbecue.

The roof has a fold in the uplifting which allows the house to expand even more toward the exterior and there is a continuous deck which leads the way from the driveway to the entrance and to the swimming pool.



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