Solar-Powered Wood Skyscraper in Stockholm by C.F. Møller

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Jul 2015 5:07 am | Skyscrapers

The Danish architectural practice of C.F. Moller entered the HSB architectural competition in Stockholm with the project of a residential building made with timber and with rooftop garden terraces, trying to prove that wood can be much more functional than given credit to.

The project has a concrete core and spreads over 34 floors with wood as the predominant material, since, according to the designers it is safer than other building materials when it comes to fires due to its 15% water composition which has to evaporate before the wood burns. Such assertions were rightly critiqued by other designers, but wood does provide a lightweight renewable material which can sustain heavy loads.

The pillars and the beams of the towers will be made from solid wood and the interior walls, the ceilings and even the window frames use the same material to create a space which is closer to the ambiance of a cabin rather than that of a usual high-rise apartment.

Each apartment will also contain a veranda covered in glass and the diamond-shaped roof will have a lot of solar panels to provide energy.



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