Soft Luxury for Endutex at C!print by Egue y Seta

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Dec 2014 11:45 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The Soft Luxury for Endutex at C!print is a retail space located in Madrid, Spain that was designed by the Egue y Seta architectural practice as a space where Endutex can display all of their catalogue while still staying on a limited budget.

The designers considered that a retail area that is renovated each season is a wasteful solution and thus efficiency and comfort were their primary concerns. The luxurious space has all finishings and coverings created by Endutex with the aid of several printshops and the main materials used for the project are concrete, marble, copper and wood which require little maintenance.

The designers explained their viewpoint thus: ‘This type of interior design schemes which has been called graphic interior design is no longer satisfied with the depiction of corporate logos, branding claims or product photography, but goes a lot further in the imitation of real textures, illusion of depth and constructive features of non-expensive and light materials to achieve a high end retail atmosphere at a low cost’.


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