The Snow Apartment by penda

By : Dennis Franklin | 31 May 2014 2:47 pm | Apartments

The Snow Apartment is located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, China, which is a skiing area to the north of Beijing, and it offers a vacation home for the owner and his friends with a design created by the penda architectural practice in 2014.

The interior is minimalist and it takes its inspiration from the melting snow in spring, through a contrast of white and light wooden tones. The ambiance is created with hand-plastered, white shells covering the walls and ceiling and their curves respond to the landscape outside.

The wooden boxes create the relaxation areas as well as the background for artworks and each wall is lifted up five centimeters and is backlit to make a clear separation between the wooden fir floor and the white shells.

The upper part of the shells is also partially cut and backlit with LEDs. The shells created the hallway, public areas and private rooms with the apartment containing seven bedrooms, a large cloakroom, storage areas for the skiing equipment and a large living room in the center.



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