Smart Villa by Jestico + Whites

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Nov 2014 7:00 pm | Homes

The Smart Villa is a residential project designed in 2014 by the Jestico + Whites architectural practice and it is located in the center of a village close to Prague, Czech Republic featuring a contemporary aesthetic with sustainable features.

The interior is minimalist with an open layout to permit a great communication with the outdoors, extending to the landscaped gardens and bringing more natural light inside. The living area with the transparent south façade is protected from overheating due to the balcony and cantilevered roof and there is a large skylight on the upper level to illuminate the space even further.

The entrance to the villa leads to a leather seating through a glass doorway and you can see all the way to the back garden. The interior combines a minimalist aesthetic with African artworks and the kitchen and dining area were integrated next to the living room equipped with button-less technology. Traditional materials such as grey stucco and cement panels were used while the exterior has an external aluminum coating.


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