Small Apartment in Taiwan by Z-AXIS DESIGN

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Jan 2014 1:52 pm | Apartments

The Z-AXIS DESIGN studio created this small apartment located in Taichung, Taiwan and implemented a lot of decorative tricks to offer a very diverse and interesting interior.

The overall space is white, on the walls and ceiling, the flooring is elevated and made of dark wood, the dining table has legs on only one side, the study has a transparent door to connect constantly with the rest of the space, the bed is embedded into the wall so that each feature adds a modern tone and also gives personality to the apartment.

The spaces are very open so that, although small, the loft seems very spacious due to the bright ambiance and the neutral areas are enlivened through the colored pieces of furniture to emphasize some elements such as the shoe cabinet next to the screen wall which is the same color as the DVD cabinet or the wooden color matching the dark paint.



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