Small Apartment With A Perfectly-Planned Interior

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Apr 2014 6:13 pm | Apartments

This small apartment manages to make up for its size through the use of a great interior planning and it is ideal as a temporary home for students or even for a couple since it is located in a central area of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The apartment spreads over 40 square meters which are organized with an open floor plan with a hallway at the entrance containing a lot of storage facilities and leading to the main room with a sliding door wardrobe and dressing room. The color palette is predominantly white with wooden panels that give the interior a rustic ambiance.

The apartment continues with a kitchen and a family room filled with natural light through the large windows and the white furniture and cabinets of the kitchen are contrasted by a dark gray table surface and gray tiles.

The living area extends to a French balcony and the bathroom is quite large as well since it also hosts a laundry area.



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