Small Apartment Near Saint Petersburg by Geometrium

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Oct 2014 9:41 pm | Apartments

The architectural practice of Geometrium designed this small but highly diverse apartment in the Lensovetovskij village close to Sankt Petersburg, Russia and it is inhabited by a young couple who wanted a joyful and modern home.

The walls were painted white to make the interior seem more spacious and rich colors complete the setting. The illumination is also colorful and the open plan layout combines the bedroom with the dining area and kitchen while also ensuring that each area is clearly defined through the color choices.

There is a separate dressing room and the sleeping area is visually separated from the living spaces. The living room includes an eco-friendly fireplace with the TV placed above it and thus you can easily watch the news while in the kitchen, bed or on the dining chair.

The ventilation hub was transformed into a home desk and the folding doors separate each area when needed while integrating the whole space together during the rest of the time to save space.


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