Small Apartment in Sweden With A Smart Interior Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jul 2013 7:04 pm | Apartments

The size of an apartment isn’t always its main characteristic since with a good eye for comfort and functionality even a small space can become a dream home.

This apartment took its modest size as a challenge to transform the space into one that is cozier and through its structuring and interior design it offers a great example of Scandinavian design.

The loft combines the modern elements with some older ones to make it seem warmer and even bohemian with some eye catching elements such as the wooden flooring, the bright red carpet in the living room or the exposed brick wall which give the predominantly white interiors a unique ambiance.

A lot of natural light is welcomed inside the space through the tall windows and the new interior design also takes care of the storage problems through open shelves and hidden spaces to keep an open and bright interior without giving the impression of being too crowded.



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