SL House by Domb Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 May 2013 10:25 am | Homes

The SL House was designed in 2011 by the practice of Domb Architects as a two family house that is located on a long lot spreading over a surface of 475 square meters and it backs a public garden.

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel the house has a modern style with a simple box-like geometry and a wooden bridge entrance that leads all the way to the reflection pool.

The materials used in the project are modest ones according to the designers, featuring pale gray marble flooring, gray and white plaster on the walls, a lowered gypsum ceiling, iron beams to enforce the structure of the house, aluminum storefronts and glass railings.

The interior has a fireplace in the living room that includes the kitchen and family space and opens up to the breakfast terrace. The bedrooms are on the second floor and the master bedroom includes a bathroom. The basement is used as a studio and games room and the roof has a fitness center and a balcony to provide a good view of the surroundings.



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