Skatecity by Gilfberg + Lykke

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 May 2014 8:54 pm | Other

Skatecity is located in Haderslev, Denmark and it is one of the largest parks and cultural centers for skateboarding in the world with a design created by the Gilfberg + Lykke architectural practice in collaboration with the city’s municipality.

The project spreads over 6500 square meters and it began in 2006 with the initiative of Morten Hansen, a local activist and chairman of the Skatecity accociation, who approached  Gilfberg + Lykke with his vision for a large area dedicated to recreation.

The highlight of the complex is the Streetdome which is an architectural element created in collaboration with the CEBRA Architects practice and it hosts several bowls, a performance platform with seats and a basketball court, while on the exterior is has an installation with green roof integrated.

The Igloo Hall is another part of the project which intends to offer a shelter in the shape of a simple dome which is unheated and illuminated by daylight only.



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