Six Degrees Cafe by Studio OOZN Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Jan 2015 9:30 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Six Degrees Café acts as a cozy and relaxing retreat in the middle of the Jakarta shopping mall with an aesthetic created by the Studio OOZN Design that features timber elements to bring a dynamic vibe to the interior.

The spatial heights were made more diverse through the undulating timber slats that were placed at a distance of 150 millimeters and the natural tones make the visitors feel more secure. The wooden layer is visible through the entire coffee place and the rear was painted black. The flooring is made of polished concrete for another textural element and the depth of the fins greatly improves the acoustic inside.

Black mosaic tiles are give the main texture of the bar and this island also separates the coffee machine from the area where food is prepared so that each zone is clearly defined. There are dour different seating arrangements for various groups and events.


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