SingTel Contact Centre by ONG&ONG

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Apr 2014 5:48 pm | Offices

The SingTel Contact Centre was designed by the ONG&ONG architectural practice in Singapore upgrading the existing center to improve the customer service and offer a balanced work environment in which aesthetics combine with the functional aspects in an efficient way.

The designers integrated relaxation and recreation areas within the workplace so that collaboration would be easier and more pleasant. The various areas inside are connected through a common walkway and it acts as a journey bringing together various themes.

The fact that SingTel is an indispensable part of each life is what defines the office so that the road acts as a showcase of the history of communication technology with the coaching rooms designed to portray this.

Each coaching room is unique since it represents a different era, spanning from the cavemen to the contemporary Internet age, all of them designed with a relaxing ambiance in which lounge seats are preferred so that the atmosphere would be less formal.



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