Single Family House in Zurich Oberland

By : Mark V | 6 Nov 2011 8:37 pm | Homes

The house is surrounded by old trees and it also has a vineyard. It was created to house a family with two children and it lies on a hillside. The topography of the site needed a special design for the house. The surroundings demanded to be terraced but the designers found some uses for the four terraces-they could very well work as exterior spaces-each terrace being attributed to an interior space.

The subterranean basement storey is made by insulated exposed concrete while the area above the basement has a prefabricated wooden structure with a ventilated Eternit façade.The house can be found in Zurich and what`s peculiar about the design is the use of some plates that function as a prototype.

The stairway covers all three storeys and the entrance zone has the children`s and the cellar rooms.The floor has an innovative design that renders various spatial heights for every area of the house.

The structure of the house allows a circular zone where movement can be done freely-near the living rooms and the parent`s bedroom –this is where the intermediate level is located.The top of the house looks like a studio thanks to the brilliant effects created by a roof light that covers the width of the building.


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