Singapore SportsHub by DP Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Jul 2014 5:07 pm | Stadiums

The Singapore Sports Hub was designed by the DP Architects practice in 2014 as the first integrated sports, leisure, entertainment and lifestyle venue located on a 35 hectare plot on the waterfront to ensure a unique ecosystem for the expanding city center.

The project is a part of the urban redevelopment plan created by the Government of Singapore and called the Sports Singapore Vision 2030 to promote a more eco-friendly and active society across the entire nation.

The master plan tries to take advantage of the great location to provide a new landmark for the region and it features an extensive precinct to connect directly to pedestrian and bicycle networks as well as to the island-wide park connector system to allow great access to the wider city, Gardens and to the residential areas nearby.

The central element of the Sports Hub is the new National Stadium which has 55000 seats and a mobile roof. The seating is retractable to allow the stadium to be adapted for a wide range of sports and leisure events and it will be the first stadium in the world where you could host athletics, football, rugby or cricket in the same venue with a 48 hour conversion time from one event to another.



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