Shop 03 by i29 Interior Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Nov 2014 9:00 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The Shop 03 for FRAME Magazine located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands was designed by the practice of i29 Interior Architects as two shops in one, offering a contrasting experience to the shoppers.

There is a white and rectangular installation on one side combined with black diagonal one. The Frame store wants to bring together art, design and fashion with a flexible interior that can change with ease. The space is white and works as a canvas for the installation with front panels that can be replaced.

The panels exhibit the origins of the store and permit artists to bring their contribution to the space. When seen from the back, the shop has triangular display boards with stained wood for the actual products and the designers wanted to enhance the contrast between the two areas and thus you have contradictory elements like black/white, square/triangular or empty/full.

The triangular compartments create an optical illusion hiding the stacks of magazines and the fashion racks, while the illumination inside is provided by pendant lamps which were suspended from the ceiling.


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