Shoebaloo flagship store by MVSA Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Dec 2014 6:42 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The Shoebaloo is a high end footwear, bags and accessories designer and their flagship store is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with a design created by the practice of MVSA Architects.

The Koningsplein store wants to offer a unique spatial experience through the display of shoes as if they are precious elements. The entrance to most of the Shoebaloo stores is enclosed with a display window to protect the interior and stir the curiosity of the passers-by but this store is very open and transparent due to a glass front and the elliptical white display window.

The lines inside begin with the opening of the display window and continue with the curving surfaces where the shoes are displayed and the lighting is integrated. There are two elliptical spaces oriented toward the center of the store while the rear is occupied by the counter and an elliptical display placed vertically.

The seating elements and the mirrors were custom designed for the store and the walls inside were clad in white Hi-Macs with LEDs for the under lighting.


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