Shenzhen Bay Super City-Xtremendous by Urban New Idea Team

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Sep 2014 8:00 am | Other

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, this daring project called the Shenzhen Bay Super City-Xtremendous is a competition entry created by the architectural practice of Urban New Idea Team to provide a response to the massive increase in urban population.

The urban landscape has skyscrapers rising like isolated islands and the designers want to bring them together through a sky street at a height of 150 meters, bringing them together to leave the ground floor free and able to host a natural environment.

The sky street is similar to the typical street with a central alley programs and a human scale as well as the possibility of bringing a new layer of street that would otherwise be impossible in a tower-like layout.

A central park brings nature and culture into the crowded urban setting which will be able to host new cultural facilities, an indoor fair, trade areas and commercial spaces, merging landscape and architecture into a hybrid park.


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