Shaoxing City Tower by SOM

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Jan 2014 6:43 pm | Skyscrapers

The Shaoxing City in the Zhejiang Province of China received a new skyscraper on its skyline designed by the architect Liu Xisang from SOM who took his inspiration for the project from the ancient glasses of wine called Jiu Zun.

The tower has a height 137 meters and it is divided into four horizontal layers with the first eighteen floors sloping inwards and the rest of the volume tapering out. The tower has mixed uses and it will contain commercial spaces on the first floor, while the levels above are occupied by government offices and private companies.

There are separate entrances to the separate functions so that the south leads to the business area and the north side is for the government officials with large canopies. The angled layers of the façade make it stand out even more on the skyline and it enhances the sense of verticality which the tower has.



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