Shanghai Pudong International Airport by Paul Andreu Architecte

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jul 2013 9:34 am | Airports

Designed by the practice of Paul Andreu Architecte, the Shanghai Pudong International Airport has a modern design that features an impressive ceiling attracting the attention of the visitors with its unique style.

The Terminal 1 building has two main levels and a linear geometry with a large central hall as the main attraction spreading over a surface of 400 meters in length and 170 meters in width. This central hall is connected to the embarking gallery through glass footbridges.

The gallery itself has a length of 1400 meters and there are 28 contact plane places. The exterior design is reminiscent of a set of wings and there are elevated roadways above the water to make the purpose of the building evident to the passers-by.

The airport also acts as a landmark and symbol of the economic growth of the region and of the Middle Kingdom as a whole.



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