Shanghai Film Museum by Coordination Asia

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Jul 2013 8:32 am | Museums

The perfect place to host a film museum is a former film studio and the architectural practice of Coordination Asia took this into consideration when they designed the first center in Shanghai dedicated to the documenting and promotion of the cinematic history of the city.

Spreading over a surface of 15000 square meters the museum is a collection of recreated film sets along with dubbed classic films or albums which portray the film industry of Shanghai from its beginning in 1896.

There are more than 3000 exhibits including various interactive installations and trying to focus on the human side of the film making industry by showing the backstage prop rooms or costumes. Due to the period of time it covers the color palette was monochrome to be reminiscent of the old films and also to provide the perfect setting for exhibits.

The project uses a lot of multimedia installations to allow the visitors to become better immersed into the world of cinema, installations like the “River of Dreams” which shows the progress of films from 1949 to the present day. The museum also hosts DIY workshops, 4D Cinema, a multifunctional event space, a shop and a café to offer a new vision of the way a museum should look like.



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