Seaside House by Ultra-architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Nov 2013 7:27 pm | Homes

Ultra-architects is a polish practice which designed the Seaside House with a wooden monolithic shell to give a sense of security and efficiency.

The structure is made of reinforced concrete and it is located just behind a bank of sand dunes in a coastal town, so the building needed to be very stable and resistant to water due to the inst ability of the ground and the possibility of rising water levels.

The project replaces a former residence and it was placed between the pine trees on the site so that the landscape would be disturbed as little as possible. The warm wooden cladding outdoors is contrasted by a gray rough texture inside that is balanced by white walls and a natural flooring to create a homogenous and cozy interior.

There are two entry points into the building and each of the two levels hosts a different function, with the ground floor containing the daily activities while the first floor is where the entertainment and leisure functions are placed.



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