Seal Rocks House 5 by bourne blue architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Oct 2013 5:02 pm | Homes

The Seal Rocks House 5 is a residential project which is located in Sydney, Australia and was designed by the practice of Bourne Blue Architecture offering a stunning view of the ocean and the nearby beach.

The surrounding buildings have a small footprint, a simple shape and have mono pitched roofs with outdoor showers and bathrooms. When the properties change the houses usually transform into large suburban ones but in this area this isn’t the case, so the designers adapted the project into the context with a compact design which separates the house into three pavilions.

The separation allows a better view and offers enough space for the wet composting waste treatment systems. The living space was largely placed outside the buildings in a way which the designers compared to luxury camping.

The materials used are economical and resistant to corrosion with fiber cement for cladding. The bathroom is placed outside with fibro partitions and steel wasn’t used since plastic would be a more economical choice and provide a longer lifespan.



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