Schanerloch Bridge by Marte Marte Architekten

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Sep 2013 5:44 pm | Bridges

The Schanerloch Bridge isn’t the first bridge which the Austrian practice of Marte Marte Architekten designed and we have covered another one here, but unlike the Alfenz Bridge, in this project they tried to minimize the structure to a tangential curve which twists to connect the roads on both sides of the Dorbirner Ache River.

The shape of the bridge is that of the stone arch and the predominant material is reinforced concrete spanning the gorge which bears the same name to create the pass between the city of Dornbirner and the Ebnit hamlet.

Although the project has a static design its shape evokes motion and while if you just pass over it with the car you might not notice it very well, the vantage point of the river offers a better view and from here you can observe it standing out against the impressive gorge.



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