Scandinavian style apartment by Angelina Alekseeva

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Oct 2013 10:17 am | Apartments

Although the design style of this apartment seems Scandinavian, the loft is located in Samara, Russia and it was created by the Russian architect Angelina Alekseeva in 2012. With a neutral palette and a functional design that provides a different tone in each room, this interior is quite remarkable.

The apartment was created for a family with an adult son and a newborn daughter and it spreads over a surface of 85 square meters. The family lived in the apartment for 10 years and since they had a new baby some renovations were in order.

The clients wanted a room for each member of the family and the rooms had to reflect the character of the inhabitants with a unique interior design. The problem was that the building couldn’t be changed so the designers had to work with what they had thus focusing a lot on adding unique decorative features in each room while also maintaining an overall high degree of functionality.



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