Saunas and Pools in Atacama by German del Sol

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Nov 2014 6:15 pm | Hotels & Spas, Other

The award winning German del Sol architectural practice located in Santiago, Chile designed this complex system of saunas and ponds in San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagesta Region, bringing several stone structures along the roads.

The project was created in 2000 and spreads over a surface of 940 square meters, wanting to ensure a perfect integration between the beautiful natural setting and the small structures. The intricate ponds irrigate the land and the setting is quiet to reflect the majesty of nature.

The white structures make the project hospitable for the visitors and the concrete landmarks can be used as shelters when not going for a swim. There are four elevations for the saunas with a similar layout and a large still lake in their vicinity to reflect the light from the sky. They are painted white with a central wooden cube and a black slate background acting as a contrasting element.


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