Sauna by Panorama Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Jul 2013 6:49 pm | Other

The practice of Panorama Arquitectos designed a project called simply “Sauna” close to the Ranco Lake in Chile with a surface of 30 square meters and a functional design overlooking the lake from above a black granite rock.

The building uses natural timber and it has a roofed terrace, the sauna and a changing room with Alamo wood on the interior and more durable oak on its exterior. Each of the three parts of the project offers a view of the lake to create a calm ambiance and put the inhabitants in close connection with the splendid natural environment surrounding them.

Since this is their first work, the designers paid very much attention to the details offering us an architectural feast and some of this can be seen by noticing the vertical planks that continue the geometry of the forest or the individual pylons offering the much needed stability for a structure built on a sloped terrain.



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