Saraiva Bookstore by Studio Arthur Casas

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Sep 2014 9:59 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The Saraiva Bookstore in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was designed by the Studio Arthur Casas as a combination between a library and a public square so that the local visitors can have a place where they can meet, relax and find out new information.

The interior design is simple and tries to set the focus on the books with large storage shelves covering the four levels. The project is inside a shopping mall and the entrance is made via a double height volume. The bookstore also contains a café, multimedia spaces, children’s areas and an auditorium.

The ceramic flooring was bespoke and it brings out the illumination as well as adding a contrasting element to the Brazilian walnut of the shelves. The furniture pieces are chosen carefully to integrate with the ambiance while also ensuring a comfortable stay for the visitors and they feature items like the Paulisano Chair by Paulo Mendes da Rocha or the Beg Armchair by Serigio Rodrigues.


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