Santos Hotel Coast Suites by IlmioDESIGN

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Jul 2014 6:08 pm | Hotels & Spas

The Santos Hotel Coast Suites in Ibiza, Spain was created by the IlmioDESIGN studio with a façade inspired by the island’s colors and its Mediterranean architecture.

The hotel spreads over a surface of 800 square meters and it was built in 2013. Capturing the surroundings and lifestyle of the island through the turquoise tones of the sea, the sandy tones of the beach and the exciting atmosphere, each detail was created to represent the entertainment and glamour of the place.

The interior follows the same Mediterranean aesthetic of the exterior with blue joint cement in the bathrooms and white tones predominating. The furniture is influenced by the local craftsmanship and it was created by IlmioDesign exclusively for this hotel to ensure a unique experience for the guests and perfect balance inside.

The hotel is in constant celebration with DJs everyday and exquisite music trying to portray the best things you can have in Ibiza and it is only a few walks from Playa den Bossa.



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