San Francisco Bachelor Pad

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Aug 2016 12:30 pm | Apartments

The usual contemporary bachelor pad involves dark tones and a lot of typical male areas such as a gym or a bar, but this beautiful design tries to challenge the stereotypes through an elegant interior belonging to the photographer Jesse Leake and is located in the Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California.

Spreading over a surface of 1000 square feet, the owner has lived in this place for the last ten years and he redesigned and personalized it to offer a very rich and diverse ambiance with a bright color palette and plenty of textures.

The tones are mostly neutral and there are some warm touches to make the interior cozier. The furniture and decorations come from a lot of places and combine vintage and contemporary pieces. The bright tones and the large windows make each room feel very spacious and the kitchen has some rustic pieces of furniture to create a beautiful setting.



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