San Anselmo House by Shands Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Sep 2014 6:31 pm | Homes

The San Anselmo House located in Marin County, California was designed by the Shands Studio with a contemporary aesthetic and a layout that optimizes the connection between the interior and the surrounding landscape.

The residence is located on a sloping side with large trees surrounding it and thus the designers didn’t have to worry about privacy, so the focus was to make the landscape a part of the design. The house spreads over a surface of 2450 square meters and the geometry is comprised of two perpendicular volumes that slope down the hill.

There are expansive windows and sliding doors that give access to the patio and cantilevered deck which extends the living spaces. The upper floor uses passive heating and ventilation strategies and the inverted roof maximizes the exposure of the solar panels to increase their efficiency while also providing a shield from the street side for extra privacy.


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