Salford Elliptical Bridge proposal by Penda

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Oct 2013 5:39 pm | Bridges

The designers Alex Daxbock and Chris Precht of the Penda architectural practice proposed this elliptical shaped bridge which changes its appearance according to the angle of the viewer.

The project was created for the Meadows Salford Bridge Competition and when it is viewed from the sides it looks like a regular suspended bridge while when the observer gets closer the structure opens up to a rounded volume in which the pedestrians seem to be swallowed while they cross over.

The surrounding landscape hosts a lot of green spaces and the bridge is a visual landmark in which the crossing appears highly imposing but it then seems slim and even two-dimensional if you watch it from the sides.

A truss system supports the pathway and there are glazed handrails ensuring the safety of the pedestrians. The terraced landscape unites with the walkway and the main structure was created with the aid of a welded steel tube resting on two concrete bearings to support the weight.

During the night the bridge glows due to energy saving LEDs allowing the pedestrians a safe passage.



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