Saint-Lazare priory by Agence Jouin Manku

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Aug 2014 6:54 pm | Other

The Saint-Lazare priory in the city of Fontevraud, France was recently refurbished by the Agence Jouin Manku to transform its interior into a hotel and restaurant as a part of the redevelopment of Fontevraud Abbey and its four priories dating from the Middle Ages.

The stone structure was complemented with wood, metal and various fabrics that bring a contemporary tone to the original structure which was used as a hospital and hospice for nuns until the 1980s when it was transformed into a hotel and restaurant.

The freestanding furniture was custom designed and it defines the interior’s functionality, creating a passage from the chapel to the chapter house and refectory. The bedrooms are spread throughout the different wings and they are decorated with minimalist features to recreate the monastic simplicity, while the furniture here was also custom created.

Beneath the former chapel is a public bar with a solid oak structure that creates the tables and booths for the customers and there are table tops with touch screens into the furniture to present games related to the history of the place.



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