The Running Wall Residence by LIJO RENY architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Oct 2013 4:05 pm | Homes

The owners of The Running Wall Residence commissioned the practice of LIJO RENY Architects to design what they called “a fort like house” in the area of Kolasseri, Thalassery, Kerala, India.

From this short description it is obvious that the inhabitants of the house were concerned about their safety so the designers combined plastered walls with exposed laterite wall that through its earthly tone connects with the landscape and surroundings.

The stone wall begins from the compound wall and extends in the landscaped yard and into the building thus being a sculptural element which defines the entire project. Several voids were placed at random in the wall to make it more interesting and since the laterite stone was taken from two quarries it had two distinct colors that create a pattern.

A glass bridge over a water body spilling into an internal pool leads the way to the house and into the dining and living room. This area extends into the landscaped area and the kitchen which opens itself towards a badminton court.



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