RUBENS LUCIANO Offices by Simone Micheli

By : Dennis Franklin | 31 Oct 2015 6:52 pm | Offices

Rubens Luciano is a fashion design studio initiated by the two freelance designers Luciano and Rubens which formed the studio in 1989 and since then it has been constantly growing.

They recently moved into a new office space which was designed by the practice of Simone Micheli Architectural Hero and it is located inside a 19th century building in the city of Venice, Italy. Despite the historic legacy of the building its interior was brought to contemporary standards and only maintains a connection with the older parts through the roof which was left visible.

The design features a neutral palette with white as the predominant tone to create a bright and breezy interior that offers ample space for each individual desk making the office seem highly flexible. The top level has a warmer tone due to the wooden pillars which are left visible and you can see from the pictures that the space is minimalist in its decorations and furnishings.



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