Rounded Loft with Flowing Floor Plan by A1 Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Dec 2014 6:15 pm | Apartments

This contemporary apartment was designed by the practice of A1 Architects to bring together the living areas beginning with the entrance and continuing through the kitchen, lounge, dining space as well as on the upper floor where the private section of the house is located.

The same color palette and choice of materials continues from one zone to the next so that the entire project inspires the same feeling of comfort and security. The earthly tones are predominant with wood and raw plaster that were combined with white walls and flooring for more light.

The staircase was wrapped in a chain-link encasing to connect with the bedrooms, study and terrace. The raw plaster and angled walls provide the industrial elements of the ambiance but the wood pillars and fireplace bring a warm rustic feeling for balance. The furniture pieces are mostly custom-made to ensure a natural presence and great textural features with rough parts combined with softer areas.


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