Roof Apartment in Kiev by Vitaliy Yurov

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Jun 2013 12:58 pm | Apartments

Located in Kiev, Ukraine this contemporary loft was designed by Vitaliy Yurov with an interior that uses a lot of natural materials such as stone, concrete, wood or glass to create a pleasant and modern ambiance.

The apartment is on the last floor of a building and this allows it to have the best panoramic view of the surroundings through the aid of a large terrace. The loft hosts a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom and bathroom.

The rooms offer a lot of space with the aid of the tall ceiling and the overall design style is minimalist and sober. The use of concrete and glass gives the interior a cold and neutral tone but the wood and plants along with the carefully placed illumination transform it into a welcoming and warm space.

The bedroom is the most remarkable space due to its abundant use of concrete to give it an almost industrial tone which is completed with only minimal decorations to remove all unnecessary distractions from it.



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