Romita Comedor Restaurant in Mexico City

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Sep 2013 3:17 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Romita Comedor restaurant and lounge is a dining hot spot in Mexico City which offers traditional Mexican dishes in a wonderful setting equipped with vintage furnishings and set in a splendid location.

Although the restaurant is only two years old it already became a beloved place due to the pleasant ambiance and the historic building which was constructed in the early 1900s with a style which was inspired by the grand railway stations.

The restaurant features very large windows, a glass ceiling and a retractable awning which provide abundant natural light needed for the many plants which have their home inside. The interior uses wood and tile with wooden furnishings and various surface treatments to create the chic vintage look.

The restaurant is appreciated for its authentic Mexican cuisine and there are cocktails available at the two bars along with live entertainment provided by DJs. The building also hosts a design shop and a hair salon.




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