Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree with a Swarovski star

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Dec 2013 7:52 am | Other

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City was inaugurated on the 4th of December by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg with Jerry I. Speyer and Rob Speyer which are the CEOs of Tishman Speyer and Co-Owners of Rockefeller Center.

The bright tree has multiple colors and uses 45000 LEDs to create energy efficient light that was admired by thousands of persons from its inauguration. The star is the most impressive piece being made with Swarovski crystals and it features LED bulbs with a very sophisticated computer program that offers twinkling effects using a customized light sequencing.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is atop the 76 feet high Norway Spruce and it is already a tradition in the city. The association with Swarovski has reached a decade and, to celebrate this event, the ornament for this year is made of no less than 25000 crystals with 1000000 facets and a weight of 550 pounds.



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