Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center by Broissin Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Sep 2014 3:06 pm | Other

The Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center located in Coyoacan, Mexico was designed by the practice of Broissin Architects in 2012 with five concrete roofs that alternate to define the spaces and light inside in a manner similar to that of a melody.

The nearby trees were integrated into the design since the large forest surrounds the concert hall. The façade has a structure of lines moving up and down as the movement of branches in the wind and thus the shadows inside create a dazzling dynamic.

The designers wanted the visitors to feel in a state of harmony inside, so the interior portrays the elegance of music through the combination of steel and concrete, shaping each area so that each space and seat is designed to portray equilibrium and sound.

The white concrete of the façade wants to represent the purity of the local music and its purity, while the red tones of the interior are a representation of passion.


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