Riverview House by Bennett and Trimble

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Dec 2014 7:15 pm | Homes

The Riverview House is located in Sydney, Australia and it was designed by the architectural practice of Bennett and Trimble for a young family with a central courtyard that offers a view from the street all the way to the backyard.

The roofline was sloped toward the northeast corner so that more natural light can pass into the courtyard and inside the house, with steel sun shades above the windows placed to add a bit of complexity to the minimalist façade.

The living area is oriented toward the back garden with a sliding door maintaining a constant visual connection between the two and the roofline can be seen from inside, making the geometry of the living room more complex and open.

The kitchen and dining room didn’t require so much space so above them a playroom was suspended which can be accessed via the simple black staircase from the main entrance.


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